Why should you consider DRTC Framing for your needs? We offer the highest quality products and efficient order fulfillment. Each frame order creates job opportunities for people with disabilities. Framing For A Cause!


DRTC Framing also provides great services such as digital-cut mat board and shadow boxes.
Additional services
  • Laser engraving for nameplates, matboards, etc.
  • Stretch Canvas
  • Shadow Box Items – from baseball gloves, ballerina shoes to medals and wedding gowns
  • Archival Framing
  • Textiles
  • Mirrors – we can provide glass and frame

Production-style framing

Production-style framing creates real jobs and real work for people with disabilities. Our primary service is producing completed units of framed art to the trade. Learn more

Creating jobs
Production-style framing creates real jobs and real work for people with disabilities. Our primary service is producing completed units of framed art to the trade. Artwork is usually provided by the customer, however artwork can be ordered through one of our vendors. Our Certified Picture Framer oversees each order and handles all the artwork. From frame assembly to the final package, our people with disabilities create a high quality product.
DRTC logo with three arc swooshes starting at the end and moving backwards. "Ability at work"
Aisle of several matboards at DRTC Picture Frames.

Production-style framing

DRTC Framing has other great services, supplies and accessories. We have everything you need for framing and matting. Request a price book for a more extensive list.
Mats - decorative, rag mat & more
  • Custom cut mats
  • Pre-cut mats
  • Specialty mats
Framing hardware & tools
  • Assorted tapes
  • Bumpons
  • Framer’s points
  • Hangers
  • Mat & glass cutting blades
  • Plexi cutting blades
  • Security hangers
  • Wire
Finishing supplies
  • ATG & artist tape
  • Canvas clips
  • Cardboard
  • Easel backs
  • Mounting board
  • Nail hole filler
  • Touch-up markers
  • Wood and poly adhesive
Care & protection
  • Acid free tape
  • Glass cleaner


Choose from a wide selection of poly, wood or metal in a variety of colors and designs.

Mat boards

Our 1,500+ mat board selection includes decorative, select, rag mat and fabric styles.


Our glass selection includes:

  • Conservation Clear – 97% UV Protection
  • Conservation Reflection Control – 97% UV protection with a film to prevent reflection
  • Museum glass – 99% UV protection, highest end option
  • Plexiglass
  • Regular – 45% UV protection
  • Reflection Control – 45% UV protection with a film on the glass to prevent reflection

Carla Folks Lavimodiere of DRTC Framing is a Certified Picture Framer (CPF). She will explore your vision and help you pick out the perfect complement to enhance your most treasured pieces. Read more