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DRTC is proud to offer Made in Oklahoma items packaged by people with disabilities as part of your school or group fundraising efforts! This exciting, profitable venture not only helps you reach your goals, but it also helps provide jobs for the individuals who helped prepare the items. It’s a win-win!

Get your promo code to start online fundraising today! Clubs do not handle any order forms or products. DRTC takes care of it for you!

Prairie Coffee

1 lb. Prairie Coffee bags for fundraisers 1 lb. bags. Choose from Sunrise Blend or Snickerdoodle™ Coffee. Earn $6/bag (MSRP $18)

Prairie Spices Gift Set

Prairie Spices Gift Set for fundraisers Set of four spices (Prairie Blend Seasoned Salt, Garlic Gusher Garlic blend, Okie Onion Toasted Onion Blend, Oklahoma Heat Peppermill Blend), recipe card and a special message from an individual who packaged the spices! Earn $9/set (MSRP $22)

Holiday Cards

Holiday cards designed by individuals at DRTC.Cards designed by individuals at DRTC, packs of 10 (red envelopes included), 5″x7″ size, gloss cover, matte inside for easy writing, multiple options available. Earn $4/set (MSRP $10)

Embracing the Difference® Note Cards

Circles & squares and flowerpot note cardsFeaturing artwork by individuals at DRTC, packs of 10 (envelopes included), 4.25″ x 5.5″ size, gloss cover, matte inside (blank) for easy writing. Earn $4/set (MSRP $10)

“Great spices for your kitchen, but also great gifts for friends and family! We sold them all and made like $3,000. It was spectacular. And we didn’t have to wash one car.”


Norman North High School

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Questions? Email! Thank you for your support! You are making a difference in your community!