Practicum/student opportunities

Practicum/student opportunities

DRTC provides exciting opportunities for college students looking for something a little different to meet service-learning or practicum requirements.

Real world, practical experiences for students and volunteers

Student experiences are meaningful opportunities to experience first-hand the service delivery system and issues as they relate to people with disabilities as they strive to be a part of the workforce.

Experience, longevity, a leader in the field

Our staff are degreed and/or experienced professionals and assist students during their service learning projects, practicum/internships or for a meaningful volunteer experience.


There are a variety of programs to choose from to meet the needs of students who are studying Speech/Language; Special Education; Psychology; Occupational Therapy and Physical Education to name a few.

DRTC is committed to each hard working individual it supports. Some of them just need a little extra attention in order to earn wages. That extra attention comes from committed students and volunteers.

There are hours and tours available 8am to 4pm Monday-Friday. For more information, or to discuss setting up a practicum, clinical or observation or to schedule a presentation, contact James Helm at 405-946-4489 ext. 1450 or email

“The experience of the graduate practicum students, from the Speech-Language Pathology programs, during their time at DRTC has been more rewarding than many would have imagined. From individual therapy to involvement in groups, engaging directly in the training center environment has opened the eyes of the students so they may see more clearly the ‘abilities’ of each individual.”

Rebecca Reynolds, M.S., CCC-SLP

Clinic Coordinator, University of Central Oklahoma

“I gained so much from the experience of working weekly with the students under the guidance of Dr. Hayes (Transitions Program). This knowledge cannot be gleaned from a textbook. I highly recommend participation in this program for all future teachers. I am thankful for the investment made by Dr. Hayes and the DRTC staff in my education.”
Ann F. Nick

Special Education Student, University of Central Oklahoma