Practicum/student opportunities

DRTC provides exciting opportunities for college students looking for something a little different to meet service-learning or practicum requirements.

Real world, practical experiences for students and volunteers

Student experiences are meaningful opportunities to experience first-hand the service delivery system and issues as they relate to people with disabilities as they strive to be a part of the workforce.

Experience, longevity, a leader in the field

Our staff are degreed and/or experienced professionals and assist students during their service learning projects, practicum/internships or for a meaningful volunteer experience.


There are a variety of programs to choose from to meet the needs of students who are studying Speech/Language; Special Education; Psychology; Occupational Therapy and Physical Education to name a few.

DRTC is committed to each hard working individual it supports. Some of them just need a little extra attention in order to earn wages. That extra attention comes from committed students and volunteers.

There are hours and tours available 8am to 4pm Monday-Friday. For more information, or to discuss setting up a practicum, clinical or observation or to schedule a presentation, contact James Helm at 405-946-4489 ext. 1450 or emailĀ