Transition School-to-Work

A group of youths in a kitchen setting. A man appears to be speaking with a chef.

The Transition School-To-Work program has been recognized by the Oklahoma Department of Education and serves many high schools in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. The program provides a head start to employment after graduation, as well as assistance with finding a job through DRTC’s Employment Services Program after graduation.

High School juniors and seniors participate in job exploration at local businesses. Students are supervised by well-trained staff. Examples of job exploration sites include:

Training includes job readiness and soft skills training.

The Oklahoma Transition Council provides a Timeline of Transition Activities to use to help prepare your child for adulthood. Programs, services and activities are grouped by age.

For more information on how to access these services, or if you are a teacher looking for training opportunities for your students with disabilities, contact the Transition Coordinator at 405-946-4489 ext. 1802 or email

School-aged kids may also be interested in DRTC’s Camp Tumbleweed Summer Program.