Providing Essential Workers During the Pandemic and Beyond

A woman wearing a blue polo with DRTC logo. She is holding a broom handle, looking at the camera, smiling.

Frontline workers at DRTC (also known as Dale Rogers Training Center) have been extremely busy since the pandemic, picking up the now familiar title essential worker along the way.

DRTC holds federal contracts providing custodial at Tinker Air Force Base, the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center at FAA, US Marshals and several federal buildings in downtown Oklahoma City. Chances are, if you’ve passed through these areas, DRTC played a role in its upkeep—all 7.1 million square feet! In addition, DRTC provides food service through another federal contract at Tinker Air Force Base, serving a wide variety of meals to military personnel 24/7/365.

A man wearing a blue polo with DRTC logo and safety goggles resting on his head, wipes down a window with a white cloth. He is wearing black protective gloves.
DRTC Custodial

Total, DRTC employs approximately 300 at these federal contract locations. As part of these contracts through SourceAmerica®, 75% of those employees have a disability. They provide mission-support to help keep vital government and military functions running smoothly. Through innovative internal programs, DRTC provides tailored on-the-job training, job advancement and employment opportunities.

Spearheading many of these changes is DRTC Executive Director Deborah Copeland, M.Ed. Since officially stepping into her role at the beginning of 2020, Copeland has navigated the agency through the pandemic, pivoting services and programs, but never losing sight of the agency’s mission of supporting people with disabilities through employment opportunities. Additionally, Copeland has become a leading voice in disability-inclusive workplaces as it relates to diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

Founded in 1953, DRTC is making plans for a 70th Anniversary celebration in 2023 that will honor disability-inclusive employers. If your business needs assistance with hiring and diversifying your talent pool, we have the right applicants for your needs. DRTC’s Employment Services Program helps transition qualified applicants into new jobs throughout the metro at no additional cost to employers. We’re also a great resource for accommodations and accessibility! Learn more at

DRTC (Dale Rogers Training Center), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency, promotes a more disability-inclusive workplace and community. With multiple locations in Oklahoma, DRTC trains, serves, or employs approximately 1,000 people with disabilities per year. Visit us online:

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