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Effective July 1, there may be delays in providing quotes, please be patient with us as we implement a new order system for DRTC Awards and Promo.

DRTC manufactures custom acrylic awards and trophies, while also fostering a disability-inclusive workforce in Oklahoma City. As part of DRTC’s suite of businesses and programs, DRTC Awards provides paid training and work opportunities for people with disabilities. DRTC remains dedicated to recognizing and nurturing the unique skills and talents of people with disabilities. Purchases through DRTC yield more than terrific products; they also empower workers to reach their employment and personal goals. 

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Due to increased material costs, there will be a price increase on our award products effective in 2024

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DRTC Awards is state approved! Use contract SW001.

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DRTC Awards has provided custom, quality awards to organizations like yours since 1983.