Volunteer at DRTC

Do you have a special talent or skill? Or just a giving heart and time on your hands? At DRTC, we would love to put your time and talent to work! Due to COVID-19, some volunteer opportunities may be limited. Please contact as at volunteer@drtc.org to check availability. Some volunteer activities include:

Does your business do volunteer projects? We can accommodate groups during regular business hours and occasionally on a Saturday for larger tasks.

Scout troop looking for service projects? Eagle Scouts have built our outdoor summer camp area and landscaped our outside break area. Girl Scouts assembled the raised flower beds for participants to garden.

We would love for you to make the individuals with disabilities at DRTC the beneficiaries of your project.

Volunteers who prefer to work with clients must submit to a background check. Volunteer interaction with DRTC clients will always include DRTC staff supervision.

For more information contact us at 405-946-4489 or email volunteer@drtc.org. You can also fill out our Job Application for Employment/Volunteer to start the process. Be sure to check Volunteer under “types of employment desired.”