Fresh Look, Same Purpose

Leading the Community Toward a More Disability-inclusive Workforce

DRTC logo with three blue swooshes extending up and to the left, with three dots at the end. Ability at work

DRTC is excited to announce a refreshed brand identity to reflect the innovative and forward-thinking nature of our organization. Through careful analysis of our organization’s values and a comprehensive assessment of community awareness and perceptions, we created a fresh new look that includes a logo, color scheme and tagline. While our mission, programs and services remain the same, the updated DRTC brand identity more clearly illustrates who we are today and heralds the future of our organization.

The refreshed DRTC logo reflects a more modern look and conveys our core message of leading the community toward a more disability-inclusive workforce. The logo evokes feelings of forward movement, innovation, energy and excitement. The three blue forward arcs represent the foresighted and progressive nature of DRTC’s entrepreneurial business model and employment opportunities. As the arcs unite together, the logo also reflects DRTC’s important mission of inclusivity, while the blue discs symbolize the people whom DRTC serves.

The tagline “Ability At Work” conveys the concept that DRTC is creating a workforce that is accessible and inclusive of people of all abilities. The blue color scheme of the logo communicates trust, loyalty, reliability and integrity, while the red tagline is energetic and powerful.

DRTC (Dale Rogers Training Center), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency, is Oklahoma’s leading community vocational training and employment center for people with disabilities in Oklahoma. With multiple locations in Oklahoma, DRTC trains or employs approximately 1,000 people with disabilities per year. The private agency promotes diversity and inclusion of persons with disabilities within our Oklahoma workforce and communities. Visit us online:

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