Mobile Workforce for your business

Employ our hard-working Mobile Workforce

DRTC provides a program and service called Mobile Workforce. This Workforce consists of 4-8 individuals that are ready, willing and able to complete work at your location of business. This program can save you time and money as it is subsidized by the State (Developmental Disabilities Services).

What DRTC provides

  • A group of 4 to 8 individuals with disabilities will come to your facility to work, accompanied by our trained supervisor. Hours are typically 9:00am – 3:00pm.
  • Transportation of the Workforce and supervisor to and from our facility to yours is provided free of charge
  • Consistent, guaranteed work is completed to your expectations
  • Quality assurance is monitored by our trained supervisor that we provide at no cost to you
  • Work is compensated at a competitive per piece rate with a fixed cost to you, which provides the perk of projecting your exact expenditures
  • We are committed to always be there! This Workforce looks forward to showing up to work each day. We never call in sick, and have great backup systems
  • Workers’ compensation and health benefits are also provided at no cost to you!

Expectations of your business

  1. Have a commitment to provide opportunities for people with disabilities at a competitive cost to your company
  2. Provide a conducive Facility or Work Environment that meets State Program Requirements
  3. Provide consistent work for Enclave based on 1 of the following 3 schedule choices:
  • 3 day work week
  • 5 day work week
  • Or intermittent, as need basis* (price will be higher)

*While we are flexible to our best extent, a pattern of last minute “no work” days can result in losing your priority company status until work is consistent again.

How to get started


  1. Call Mark at 405-946-4489 x1403 or e-mail
  2. DRTC will take a tour of your facility and identify the tasks
  3. Pricing and start date for contract is determined by time studies based on timing your employee or one of our staff to complete the task(s)
  4. We start working for YOU!

405-946-4489 x1403