“DRTC has been a key partner in making Hitachi successful. They are very prompt in responding to our needs and meets the turnaround time for the project. They have excellent Quality Standards and follow our process for the clamshell project with a very high Quality Success rate. Dale Rogers Training Center is essential to Hitachi meeting deadlines.”
Michael Lowrie
Hitachi Transport
“DRTC has provided Pelco Products Inc. with a Mobile Workforce/Enclave since October 2002. This group, comprised of up to eight individuals and their supervisor, has become a key part of the Pelco team making a profitable contribution to our overall company efforts. Our personnel and the Enclave members recognize each other on a first name basis and enjoy the benefits of daily participation in work, breaks, meals together, and company special events. The Mobile Workforce/Enclave works at our facilities from 9 to 3 daily, assembling and packaging small hardware kits. These kits are made in a large variety of configurations comprised of bolts, nuts, washers, clamps and similar items. By assembling, on-site, the exact kits needed for each day’s shipping requirements, we experience a true just-in-time production flow with considerable inventory savings. And, the quality of the Enclave’s work has been excellent and error free.”
Gordon Anderson
Chief Engineer, Pelco, Inc.
“We are thrilled about our partnership with DRTC. Their organization has been incredibly beneficial to us as a company, the local community, as well as individuals with disabilities who are able daily to build their independence and make a difference in their lives. Everyone at DRTC has proven themselves to be extremely professional. The quality of work is outstanding and their rates are very competitively priced. We consider them a key partner of Petra.”
Tish Zitzow
Executive Vice President, Petra Industries
“We have the utmost confidence in your center to deliver our merchandise exactly as ordered and in a timely manner. Your representatives are always cheerful and eager to fulfill our needs. It is a pleasure working with you and your staff.”
Wayne Yates
Production Manager, Big D Industries, Inc.