Six individuals from DRTC's Swag Team standing with their arms crossed for a group picture. They are each wearing a large championship ring.

A new swagger at DRTC

Youth sporting over-sized, custom championship rings; working professionals taking meeting notes in pad folios; agencies handing out branded health-related promotional items at trade shows. What do they all have in common? The Swag Team working in DRTC Promotional Items.

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Salar and his team from Home Depot pose for a group picture after the Governor's Disability Employment Awards.

Governor’s Awards 2019

The annual Governor’s Disability Employment Awards of Excellence recently honored five individuals and seven businesses connected with DRTC’s Employment Services Program for their employment achievements.

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Rogers trivia

You think you know who Roy Rogers was! Along with Dale, they were a beacon for “good” and an important role model teaching kids across

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Craig smiling looking slightly to his left. The American flag is in the background.

Success stories: Craig

Craig Parr is a tall, strapping young man with a smile as big as his heart. At 18, Craig attends high school and is taking a course on small engine repair at Francis Tuttle.

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Lindsey smiling, holding a stack of envelopes while sorting them for a subcontracting job at DRTC.

Success stories: Lindsey

Lindsey Nguyen is a born multi-tasker. Now, she’s sorting mail into cross sections,
paying close attention to the details. “These are supposed to be by state and then by name,” she says. Her nose and cheeks are peppered with freckles and her shiny hair bobs as she turns her head. 

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Emily smiling with both arms raised at Dale Rogers Awards.

Success stories: Emily

Like many women, Emily Stone loves pretty clothes, sparkly jewels and spending time with her friends. “She’s extremely social, and that’s something people don’t always realize,” says her mother, Genie Stone.

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