How to Qualify as a Person with a Disability or Limiting Condition

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DRTC specializes in employment for people with a disability or limiting condition by providing great jobs through our federal contracts. Certain Custodial and Food Services positions are set-aside specifically to employ people who qualify for the program.

Not all positions require people to qualify as a person with a disability or limiting condition, but these contracts, through SourceAmerica®, are a highly disability-inclusive workforce. DRTC provides enhanced access, accommodations, and training for people who have a disability or limiting condition who want to be successful in employment.

The following is a description of the SourceAmerica® definition and requirements for documentation of disability or limiting condition on the DRTC AbilityOneTM contracts:

“A residual, limiting condition resulting from an injury, disease, or congenital (condition) which so limits the person’s functional capabilities that the individual is unable to engage in regular competitive employment over an extended period of time.”

Functional Capability Areas:

  • Mobility, Communication, Self-direction, Work Tolerance, Self-care, Work skills

* An individual’s disability or limiting condition must affect at least one area of functional capabilities.

Applicants with previous Individualized Education Program (IEP) as documentation:

• Must include diagnosis (Intellectual disability; Specific Learning Disorder; Autism Spectrum Disorder, etc.)

• Objective statements completed

• Signature & credentials of a qualified examiner (Licensed Clinical Social Worker or School Psychometrist) required

• Psychological or Psycho-Educational Evaluations may also be needed

Applicants with a previous Section 504 Eligibility Form as documentation:

• All sections completed

• Team Signature section to include a licensed professional with credentials

Requirements for documentation of a physical or medical disability:

• Doctor’s statement with diagnosis (on official doctor’s letterhead)

• Signed by a licensed practitioner qualified to make the diagnosis

• Must state the areas of functioning affected

• States the nature and extent of the disability as it affects any one of the functional areas listed above

* Documents can be requested from school with signed releases.