Capability Honorees from DRTC’s 70th Anniversary Gala

As DRTC proudly celebrates its 70th Anniversary, we’re taking a moment to honor and recognize those individuals whose commitment embodies the organization’s core mission of leading the community toward a more disability-inclusive workforce.

State Use Champion – Oklahoma Department of Transportation

A valued customer within the State Use Program for many years, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation has placed their trust in DRTC for many special projects as well as regular orders. From apparel, to plaques, to kitting, this long-standing relationship has provided more than one million dollars in job opportunities for the folks at DRTC Awards, Framing, & Promos. Loyalty to the mission of the State Use Program in providing employment for people with disabilities in Oklahoma is why the Oklahoma Department of Transportation is our State Use Champion.

Business Partnership Champion – JASCO

Beginning with building displays for Target, this 15-year relationship currently supports 100 people in the DRTC Production Center with more than a hundred thousand dollars in contracts. Today, Jasco, an industry leader in electronics, looks to DRTC as a partner for high-quality work in kitting and packaging placing RFID’s on products for placement in Walmart. As a company, Jasco aspires to improve people’s lives through partnerships that inspire change. We appreciate Jasco seeing our ability to be a valuable business partner.

Media Partner Champion –  KFOR

A true media partner with DRTC for several years, KFOR paved the way in highlighting the agency’s mission and successes. Owned by Nexstar Media Group, KFOR-TV has played a key role in raising awareness and supporting people with disabilities as they reimagine their future through employment.

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