Connie Thrash McGoodwin, M.Ed., Executive Director

The Northwest Chamber Hall of Honor is awarded to an individual who has demonstrated significant achievement and service over time. Examples include outstanding community service of many years’ duration, career achievement deserving of state or national recognition, or community service in only one or two areas that is unique, and has made a significant or substantial impact on the community.

Connie Thrash McGoodwin is receiving this distinct honor for her vision and leadership that has helped Dale Rogers Training Center grow to staff of 85 and provide meaningful employment opportunities for more than 1,100 individuals across the state. Through contracts with more scores of private and government organizations, the organization now generates 83% of their own revenue and the combined workforce generates $5.5 million a year.

Thrash McGoodwin, executive director of Dale Rogers Training Center, reflected on the success and endurance of DRTC.

“Today, I have a nearly $20 million annual budget to balance, up from only $90,000 from my first year on the job. Then, we had no state appropriations and only help from the school district and United Way. Today, we generate 83% of our own revenue. Half the payback is being around folks and seeing all the wonderful things that are happening here.”

With degrees from Oklahoma State and Texas Women’s University, her credentials, awards, recognitions and honors are what led her to receive this prestigious honor. The Northwest Oklahoma City Chamber recognizes Connie Thrash McGoodwin for the vision and leadership she has shared with Dale Rogers Training Center, our State, and the Northwest Oklahoma City community for 33 years.

Past inductees to the Northwest Chamber Hall of Honor include: John Shugart, Caroline Gist, Dr. Kent Shellenburger, Jane Haskin, Mayor Mick Cornett, Larry McAtee, Glenn Coffee, Wally Key, John Martin, J.D. Johnston, Ron Mercer, Chris Pierce, Ray Melrose, Albert Gray, Gary Unruh, Cecil Mendenhall, Howard Hendrick, Loren Gresham, Dr. Shannon Lucid, Prebble and Herman Beaver, Eldon Lyon, Phil Cowan, Duane Cory and Fred Floyd.

The mission of Dale Rogers Training Center, Inc. (DRTC) is “to support people with disabilities through paid vocational training, in-house programs and work opportunities as well as competitive community employment.”

Its philosophy is that “The citizen who has a disability is an individual human being, deserving of opportunities for learning, for development and for contribution. DRTC places the person first, focusing on their interests, skills and abilities, while always treating the individual and their family with dignity and respect.”