Aaron Peck, left, and James Helm, right, display their Achievers Under 40 awards made at Prism Place, a division of Dale Rogers Training Center.

Aaron Peck. left, and James Helm, right, with their Achievers Under 40 awards.

James Helm, public relations coordinator at DRTC, was inducted into the Journal Record’s 2017 Class of Achievers Under 40. The newest group of inductees was honored for their professional and community achievements.

Helm, who joined the DRTC team in 2015, coordinates DRTC’s community fundraisers and maintains the agency’s online presence—from websites to social media and beyond. He also spear-headed the research and implementation of accessibility tools to ensure people of all abilities can experience the various websites DRTC offers.

Prism Place, DRTC’s Awards, Trophies and Promotional Items division, made the awards for the event.

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