Employability Honorees from DRTC’s 70th Anniversary Gala

As DRTC proudly celebrates its 70th Anniversary, we’re taking a moment to honor and recognize those individuals whose commitment embodies the organization’s core mission of leading the community toward a more disability-inclusive workforce.

Employment Services Client Spotlight Honoree – John Hamilton

Over and over John Hamilton has proven to be a flexible and adaptive employee for the OU Children’s Hospital. He is known for his consistently high-quality work over the past two years. An active listener and skilled communicator, John contributes positively to the overall performance of his team and company. Quiet and focused, it’s easy to see why he’s a valued staff and mentor for his co-workers.

Employment Services Direct Service Professional Spotlight Honoree – Vivian Naegeli

As an Employment Training Specialist and Supervisor for 18 years, Vivian Naegeli has supported more than 400 individuals with disabilities in their employment journey. Throughout her employment, Vivian has consistently assisted the most individuals in obtaining employment across the community. Proficient in American Sign Language and individualized support for people who are Deaf, Vivian is an unstoppable force in creating a more disability-inclusive workforce and community for Oklahoma.

Employment Services Employer Champion – Sodexo

A global leader in quality-of-life services essential for individual and organizational performance.  Sodexo supports equal opportunity for all employees. Since 2016, DRTC has successfully partnered with Sodexo as an employer for more than 35 individuals with disabilities across 13 locations. Year after year, Sodexo’s commitment to hiring a disability-inclusive workforce through the DRTC Employment Services Program shines through.

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