Fog advisory

Mark spraying a table in a breakroom at DRTC.
Closeup of Mark spraying a door and door handle.
Mark spraying a restroom door and handle

Oklahomans are no stranger to dense fog, but a different kind of fog is also becoming more common at Dale Rogers Training Center (DRTC). Trained staff are fogging and misting office spaces in the name of safety during this era of COVID-19.

“The agency is attuned to the safety concerns brought on by COVID-19,” said DRTC Executive Director Deborah Copeland, M.Ed. “We are happy to provide this additional service to keep staff as safe as possible, while still following recommended guidelines.”

While the imagery of a fogger or mister may lead one to conjure visions of dense fog, the result is actually quite the opposite. DRTC utilizes each method to disinfect areas: foggers produce more of a spray bottle effect, while electrostatic sprayers are more targeted when applied and create a fine mist. Another key difference is the sprayers can be used safely on electronics. Basically, the electrostatic sprayers positively charge the disinfectant that seeks out negatively-charged surfaces.

Mark spraying a table at DRTC. The mist is clearly visible.
Mark spraying a work table

Dozens of staff on DRTC’s main campus and federal contracts are trained in the use of these disinfectants, with the goal of having multiple people in each building capable of treating their area. In the future, operations may expand opening the way for people with disabilities to develop new skills with the equipment. DRTC employs approximately 300 people at its custodial contracts.

“Offering this training would encourage skill development and build confidence for our staff,” said Carolyn Thompson, DRTC Director of Custodial Services.

Cleaning Industry Management Standards (CIMS) has certified DRTC’s federal contract locations since 2012. The most recent re-certification, in 2020, again saw DRTC pass with honors. CIMS is sponsored by ISSA, The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association.

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