You think you know who Roy Rogers was! Along with Dale, they were a beacon for “good” and an important role model teaching kids across the United States to always do the right thing. Roy paid his dues in Hollywood in the 1940s and 1950s earning the title King of the Cowboys.

Various Roy Rogers movie postersHe was featured in six of Gene Autry’s films and made 33 more films later in his career as well as TV and radio.

Roy and Dale Evans Rogers on set with the Muppet Show. Several of the Muppets are in the foreground.

He was even a guest on The Muppet Show in 1979!

Roy playfully points at and Robin Rogers.

Roy’s stage name was Dick Weston in the 1940s until Republic Studios gave him his own show. His real name from Duck Run, Ohio, was Leonard Slye.

Gene Autry headshot

Gene Autry went on strike with his studio allowing Roy to take over his title of The Singing Cowboy.

Roy Rogers' star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Roy went on to star in TV, radio and movies.

Roy and Dale Evans Rogers standing in front of a posed Trigger.

It’s true! Roy had Trigger stuffed after his death and exhibited at Dale & Roy Rogers Museum as a way to honor his partner and companion of 33 years.

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