A new swagger at DRTC

Six individuals from DRTC's Swag Team standing with their arms crossed for a group picture. They are each wearing a large championship ring.

Youth sporting over-sized, custom championship rings; working professionals taking meeting notes in pad folios; agencies handing out branded health-related promotional items at trade shows. What do they all have in common? The Swag Team working in DRTC Promotional Items.

Our detail-oriented team carefully inspects each item that passes through DRTC, ensuring quality while providing an extra level of benefit for customers across the state and beyond Oklahoma’s border. Promotional items companies typically ship orders directly to customers. At times there can be errors with the imprint, functionality, or even quantity; at DRTC, you know your order is 100%!

Three ladies inspecting padfolios while sitting around an oval table in DRTC's awards showroom. Various trophies and medals are in the background.
Pad folio inspection

On this day, a large order takes over most of one work floor. Individuals are removing pad folios from a cardboard box, inspecting the zipper, and making sure they include a pad of paper—300 in all. Each one is pored over, looking for imperfections. If it doesn’t pass the test, it doesn’t go to the customer.

“We catch issues with the items,” said Shon, who proudly recounts providing quality control. She says depending on the item ordered, she can go through a whole box of up to 1,000 items.

“I like to have fun with it,” added Shon.

Dennis enjoys the pace of the job. “It’s fast and furious,” he jokes.

Lindsey inspecting reflective shirts for ODOT. A large stack is in front of her, as well as at the end of the table.
Lindsey inspecting reflective shirts

Lindsey agrees. She’s also on the Swag Team and has helped check all kinds of items, from custom-branded apparel to medicine containers and even emergency kits.
“I think it’s pretty awesome,” said Lindsey.

Their work is well known and greatly appreciated. Among the most notable jobs: custom youth baseball championship rings. Moore Youth Baseball Association (MYBA) is a repeat supporter of DRTC. Last year, MYBA ordered 2,400 championship and finalist rings for its tournament. In 2020, they ordered 4,000.

“Those went over like a hit,” said MYBA Tournament Director Matt Purser. “It’s been a smashing success.”


Closeup of 10 Moore Youth Baseball Association championship rings.

MYBA first started working with DRTC in 2011 through a trophy order. Over the years, though, the need for tournament trophies shifted to championship rings. The larger-than-life rings feature a custom MYBA design in various colors and stand out for the young athletes who earn them on the field. For Matt, the partnership extends beyond the diamond.

“We try to do as much local (business) as we can,” said Matt. “You guys are running a good business and that’s why we keep coming back.”

The District Attorney’s Council (DAC) is another repeat supporter of DRTC and stands behind the work of the Swag Team. Dale Rogers Training Center has several items listed in the State Use Program which provides work opportunities for people with disabilities.

“Quality and workmanship (are) fantastic,” said Tina Harman with DAC. “We truly love that your mission embodies putting people to work.”

Back at DRTC, quality control continues as workers discuss their favorite Pokémon characters (Lindsey & Shon prefer Pickachu, while Dennis likes Charizard, by the way).
They’re bringing a new kind of swagger to businesses, agencies, and nonprofits alike.

How can your group provide more work opportunities at DRTC? Email PromoSales@drtc.org, visit our website PromoPlace.com/DRTCpromos, or stop by in person to learn more.

Dale Rogers Training Center (DRTC) is the oldest and largest community vocational training and employment center for people with disabilities in Oklahoma. With multiple locations in Oklahoma, DRTC trains or employs approximately 1,000 people with disabilities per year. Visit us online: DRTC.org.