Robinā€™s Corner Museum Exhibit

Robin Rogers, daughter of Dale & Roy Rogers, the famed western movie star couple of the 1940s-50s, was born in 1950 with Down syndrome. Her disability inspired her mother, Dale, to be one of the first celebrities to advocate for people with disabilities. Dale wrote the book, ā€œAngel Unaware,ā€ to chronicle Robinā€™s short, yet influential life. Her book inspired parents all over the nation to create organizations like DRTC, where people with disabilities can learn, grow and work so they can become productive citizens. 

The Rogers family generously donated items to DRTC from the Roy and Dale Rogers Museum in Branson, Missouri, that were once owned by Robin and mentioned in her motherā€™s book.

When Dusty (Roy Rogers, Jr.) was asked why the family chose DRTC as the home for these treasured items he said, ā€œbecause thatā€™s what my mother would have wanted.ā€

The Robinā€™s Corner museum exhibit is open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm by appointment.