2003: Mobile Workforce poses for a picture at Pelco

2003: Mobile Workforce at Pelco

Anytime you’ve been in a relationship for 15 years, you’re bound to have endured many good times while creating cherished memories. The relationship between Dale Rogers Training Center (DRTC) and Pelco Products, Inc. is no different.

The two partnered with one another in 2002, expanding DRTC’s Mobile Workforce Program, which sends a team of up to eight individuals with disabilities and a DRTC staff member to various locations to complete projects.

Hard at work

2013: Gary displays a kit he assembled at Pelco.

Gary displays a kit he assembled.

DRTC’s crew has helped package more than 100 various kits for Pelco’s traffic and utility products. These kits, comprised of anywhere from 2-48 pieces, are used to assemble street lights, stop lights and other products made at the traffic and utility hardware manufacturer’s headquarters in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Upon assembly, completed components assembled by DRTC’s skilled workforce are distributed worldwide. Pelco sells products to all 50 states and international markets as well.

Through the 15-year partnership, DRTC’s Mobile Workforce has produced 3.5 million kits for Pelco.

“I don’t know of one kit that ever came back wrong,” said Phil Parduhn, Pelco Co-Owner.

Pelco President & CEO Steve Parduhn added, “There’s been enough kits that every man, woman, child in the state of Oklahoma could have one of these kits.”

15-year anniversary

Steve and Phil Parduhn display a framed poster given to them by DRTC for their 15th year of partnership.

Steve and Phil Parduhn, of Pelco, Inc., display the poster presented during the 15-year partnership celebration.

During a 15-year anniversary celebration, DRTC presented Pelco Products a poster framed at Wyman Frame, a division of DRTC, with the words “You Make a Difference,” signed by members of the Mobile Workforce team.

Pelco’s inclusion of individuals at DRTC is notable, from staff luncheons and activities, signage welcoming the crew, or online as the company demonstrates its commitment to community.

“It’s a joy working with you guys, having you here,” said Steve Parduhn. “Being a part of the Pelco family has been wonderful and we really appreciate it.”

The feeling is mutual from Mobile Workforce participants.

“We are family,” said Chris.

“We do a good job and like working the kits,” said Bonnie.

“We are good employees and we get the kits done,” added Sandra.

“Pelco’s commitment to providing real job opportunities for people with disabilities is something that should be modeled in more places,” said DRTC Executive Director Connie Thrash McGoodwin. “They (Pelco) have included our individuals, making them feel welcomed and part of the team.”

New opportunities

2016: Kathy applies reflective tape to Pelco's traffic light border.

Kathy installing reflective strips to Pelco’s traffic light borders.

While DRTC’s Mobile Workforce completes the kitting jobs at Pelco’s large facility, others on Dale Rogers Training Center’s main campus complete subcontract work, providing more work opportunities for people with disabilities.

Individuals in DRTC’s Vocational Services Program also help kit items up to 19 pieces. Another subcontracting job with Pelco creates jobs for people with disabilities by having them install reflective tape along the edges of massive traffic light borders.

Bright future

As we celebrate the success we’ve had in the past, we continue to look toward the future.

Dale Rogers Training Center is excited for what’s to come with Pelco and the exciting opportunities for those served to develop skills and earn a paycheck.

DRTC, its clients, and their families are eternally grateful for the partnership, and relationships formed over the past 15 years.

About DRTC: Dale Rogers Training Center (DRTC) is the oldest and largest community vocational training and employment center for people with disabilities in Oklahoma. With multiple locations in Oklahoma, DRTC trains or employs more than 1,000 people with disabilities per year. Visit us online: DRTC.org.

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